Knee rehabilitation

knee rehabilitation clinic

We are very excited to announce our latest programme in partnership with Optimi Health: Optiknee Rehabilitation.

The programme will run for 10 weeks and aims to help individuals with knee pain or a fear of exercising due to pain rebuild their confidence through light exercise with a community.  Other people who might benefit are those with knee wear and tear, runners knee or knee arthritis.  The first half of each session will see participants using the Optimi app as developed by leading physiotherapists, followed by chair-based exercises, low impact exercise and walks around the Stoop.

Harlequins Foundation coaches will be on hand to provide assistance with physical rehabilitation. Participants will be within a community of people who are experiencing similar issues as well as having connections with experts in exercise and physical therapy in how to approach their conditions moving forward.

If you’d like to get involved, please fill in the form below to sign up!