The Jesters- A Player’s Perspective

Luke Martyr, one of The Jesters Wheelchair Rugby Team players, has written about his experiences with the team!

My background is quite boring really, struggling to find work and having to juggle symptoms of MS with study

I first started to play wheelchair rugby in 2015 when Team GB were offering a 10 week/session taster training experience, after that I was hooked.

Having been diagnosed with MS at 18 it has rather limited what I have been capable of but wheelchair rugby is proving to me that I can go further.

Before the wheelchair rugby life was quite isolated and boring but the rugby has given purpose to my gym work and a good reason not to just sit about and do nothing because I need to train harder for the team.

As we have week-long breaks between training sessions it’s a relief, for all, when we’re back practicing as practice is needed in order to be a competitive threat!

What I like best about wheelchair rugby is the exercise, the comradeship, The sport as a whole but most importantly the “big crash!”.

For me, wheelchair rugby improves fitness, chair handling abilities, coordination and really make me feel like part of the Harlequins family.



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