The Harlequins Foundation Break New Ground with Social Value Forecasting

The Harlequins Foundation are delighted to release “The Way Forward” report, which using the Sport Value Bank tool, developed in partnership with leading social value research consultancy Simetrica, has forecast that The Foundation’s programme delivery will generate £2.5 million worth of social value over the next year.

Sport VB, which has been successfully piloted over the last 12 months with ourselves and other major community sports organisations, including Everton In The Community, allows organisations to robustly assess the social value of their programmes, employing internationally recognised methods for valuing social impact, as set out by the UK HM Treasury Green Book (2018) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development guidelines.

Using SportVB, The Way Forward report shows The Harlequins Foundation on track to achieve the following:

• A central forecast of £2.5 million being generated across the 11 assessed programmes in the coming year.
• 1,100 hours of volunteering provided
• 6,700 individuals supported
• £371 of social value generated per programme participant
• £4.91 of social value generated for every £1 of resources invested.

Organisations can access SportVB via an easy-to-use online portal, where they record a range of data for projects such as inputs (e.g. staff costs), outputs (e.g. number of participants) and outcomes (e.g. participants’ recorded self-esteem improvements).

The system then calculates the overall net social value to society and provides additional data to interpret the source of that social value.

SportVB also measures the ‘secondary benefits’ of outcomes, such as cost savings to government via reduced welfare payments or increased tax revenue. These are valued using current government data sources.

Marc Leckie, Head of The Harlequins Foundation, said: “Key decision-makers want cold-hearted calculations on the impact and the financial savings created, so that they can make the best choices on how and where they invest their money.

“The Way Forward Report gives us an opportunity to build a credible body of evidence that not only pulls on the hearts, but also the minds, of society, and will hopefully motivate others in the sector to see the value of investing in this kind of social value measurement.”

It is only down to the continued generosity of you, our supporters, that our team are able to deliver such impactful programmes that make a real difference in our local community. 

We want to continue to make a difference, and increase the social value we generate but we can only do that with your support. 

Any donation you can make, big or small, will make a big difference, and allow our team to reach as many people as possible, Building Brighter Futures for everybody in our local community and beyond. 

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