Rugby In A Box: The Pilot Phase

Fantastic news! We’re excited to announce that the pilot phase of Rugby In A Box (RIAB) has started. 

This new initiative from The Foundation, which has been designed to promote and teach The Essential Skills young people need to succeed in life, using sport, in particular rugby, as the vehicle to engage has entered the pilot phase. 20 lucky organisations have secured a place on our pilot scheme so far, and we’re thrilled to begin delivery. 

What does the pilot phase look like?  

  • Delivery of the box – all the equipment needed to play tag rugby 
  • Our coaches’ handbook that walks you through The Essential Skills and how to embed these in your sessions.
  • Coaching cards that offer practical solutions to embedding The Skills.    
  • An in-person meeting with our Development Officers and Schools Manager to go through Essential Skills development and how to deliver it to achieve the best outcomes.    
  • Access to a Skills Builder online webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of The Essential Skills.   
  • Regular meetings with The Foundation team for support and feedback.     

To celebrate the beginning of our pilot phase, we hosted a rugby festival with the GLF Schools trust, where we gave young people and their teachers their first taste of RIAB and its contents. It was a fantastic day of skills development workshops, followed by tag rugby tournaments where the kids got stuck in and enjoyed themselves.    

Why is Rugby In A Box important?  

Sport is a unique tool which, when applied properly, can help young people develop the skills they need to succeed and thrive in life – and it’s so fun that we often do not even realise the skills we are developing.  

RIAB breaks down the teaching and development of The Essential Skills into understandable and engaging modules so that you know exactly what it is you’re learning. It’s a great tool, especially for children who might struggle with conventional learning, or those who learn best through hands-on means.  

But why now? The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on young people everywhere. For two years they’ve suffered from disrupted learning, restricted ability to socialise and fewer opportunities to be active. In short, young people are falling behind on The Essential Skills for reasons entirely out of their control. 

Young people are facing more challenges than ever. 

With RIAB we seek to tackle these struggles and offer sustainable options to help young people deal with increasing rates of depression, obesity and the social struggles they are facing after two years of life in a pandemic. It is important that we help young people in any way we can; they deserve the same opportunities in life that many of us enjoyed growing up, and they deserve to have fun at the same time. Rugby In A Box is supporting that development and, in turn, those life opportunities for young people throughout the Harlequins Heartlands. 

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