Mental Health Awareness Week- Testing our METTLE

If ever there has been a time that tests our mettle it is now. It is mental health awareness week and we wanted to share some top tips and ideas, including content from our mental resilience programme METTLE,  throughout the week on how you can support yourself and the ones you love to maintain good mental health.

There is plenty of evidence that taking part in physical activity can have a profound and positive impact on mental wellbeing. Being physically active can improve mood, decrease the chance of depression and anxiety, and lead to a better and more balanced lifestyle.

Because of this our programmes have mental health at their heart, and we have invested in projects locally that help to support people to develop the tools and strategies to maintain a healthy life. When we are delivering our programmes, we always like to discuss our mental health alongside our physical health and think about it in relation to the rhythm of our heart.

At some points it is at the top of the peak, in our mental health this may be when we are feeling elated after watching Quins beat Sarries (again). At other times it will be low, our mental health may have dipped, and we feel down – this is natural. The more we can recognise that it is not a linear process, that there will be peaks and troughs and we can develop healthy behaviours to support ourselves, then we will reduce the likelihood of experiencing mental ill health.

Throughout the course of this week we will be sharing lots of our own content, as well as from valued partners, so please do try to find some time to take a look. Recognising the signs of poor mental health in yourself or your family and friends could be lifesaving.

Best wishes

Marc Leckie, Head of The Harlequins Foundation


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