My First Year

My first year.

Have you heard of HITZ?

It is one of the Foundations flagship schemes, supported by Premiership Rugby.  The program is for 14–18-year-olds across England and uses the core values of rugby alongside other sporting extracurricular opportunities to increase young people’s resilience, self-control and long-term employability.

That is the technical description, and you can read more about that on our website – what we really want you to know is – it changes lives.

Natalie, was referred to the HITZ program, having become disengaged with mainstream education…  She went through the program, passed, and has now just completed her first year as the HITZ Officer, working full time for The Harlequins Foundation.

You can watch Natalie’s story up until this point in this video.  

We caught up with her about how she has found her first year in post, and what she is looking forward to.  


How was your first year as the HITZ Officer?

My first year as HITZ Officer was amazing.  We have achieved so much, such as getting all the learners to pass the courses.  Being able see it from the other side of the desk and being able to make sure the learners achieve their full potential was amazing. 

What was a highlight?

A highlight of this year was the fact I was going into the role knowing I had been a student, to now running the programme.  The progression I have made as a person and what I will be able to achieve in the future with the programme is exciting. 

What was a challenge?

A challenge was trying to get young people in on the January intake due to COVID – it was very difficult.  But we did and they have all done really well. 

What are you looking forward to for next year?

Starting the full year and achieving all our goals. Making the program the best we can, and just being able to have fun with the learners by taking part in sport and going on different trips, and also planning ahead for what we are going to do throughout the year.

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Natalie HITZ Officer

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